Higher Expenses of Being Buried

The Reason Behind Higher Expenses of Being Buried in Cemetery

The overall cost of being buried in a cemetery is often expensive because the cemetery attendants, according to the demands of bereaved family members, builds and installs everything in the resting place of the deceased person.  Bereaved people are often unwilling to arrange all these because they want to focus more on funeral rituals. So the entire responsibility of burying is handed over to the cemetery.

                                     Behind higher expenses of being buried

Why is it Expensive?

In simpler words, the reason for the higher price is the expenses of the grave plot, vault, temporary markers, and the installation charges all are included here. There are some conservative families, who employ individuals to take care of these tasks, but recently, most people ask the cemetery to arrange everything so that they can complete the funeral services with utmost care. The different areas of expense are explained below:

Plot for the Grave

The price of this burial plot depends on its size. Some prefer a single plot; some others prefer companion plot and some others like the family plots. People who pre-plan their burials prefer family burials. Sometimes the price of mausoleum crypt is also included with this.

Within the cemetery, the same sized plots often have a different price because of their locations.

On average, the cost of burial plots without the mausoleum crypt varies from $1200-$2500. Depending on special requirements, the price will increase. The price of the mausoleum crypt is $5000 on average.

Opening and Closing of the Grave

From digging the grave to filling the grave, lots of formalities are done. Along with the labor charge, the cost of a casket lowering machine is also included here. The average cost for this is $500-$1000 but it can vary in different places, but it is generally not higher than $1200.

Burial Vault

It is optional, but a few cemeteries require vaults so that the soil around the casket stays fixed. Also, the wish of the family members for burial vault is given priority. These are also mentioned as the grave liners, and the cost of this is approximately $1000.

Grave Markers

Just after the burial, the bereaved people may choose a temporary marker. A wooden cross or anything like this which helps to identify the grave is used as temporary grave markers. Price of these can vary from $50 to $80.

Later the family members will select the design and all other details. For designing and crafting, often a few months may be taken, till then the temporary markers are used.

Installation Charges of the Headstone

Headstone installation may take time, and the installation charge in the different cemetery is different.  However, it is not higher than $1000. The cost of design and craft are also included within this.

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Perpetual Care Charge

It is the maintenance fee which is taken at the very beginning. Having a grave with design on the headstone will look good only after proper maintenance. It is a one-time fee, and it is near about 5-15% of the price of the burial plot.

The cost is definitely higher, but due to this, the bereaved people do not need to take charge of arranging the vault or the burial plot separately. Also, they do not need to pay for these separate tasks. It is the main benefit of handing over the responsibility of these arrangements directly to the cemetery and a huge number people are now willing to do so.

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