Know the Right Time to Offer Condolences

At the time of attending a funeral or talking with the bereaved person over the phone, many people face difficulty in saying the right words at the right time. Actually, the right time to offer condolences depends on your closeness with the bereaved person. Also, it depends on the mental setup of the bereaved person, as well. Maybe, the bereaved person is not willing to communicate with anyone during the funerals as he or she has got a great shock after the death of the near and dear one. So, the right time to offer condolences is somewhat confusing.

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Offering Condolence to Best Friend

Being a close friend, you have to be by the side of your friend in the hard times. Your friend may not be willing to communicate with others, but you can be his or her comfort zone. It will be your responsibility to bring your friend back from solitude. So, it does not need to mention that your presence in this situation is very significant.

Get in touch with your friend as soon as possible and share your condolence with your friend in person. If you are unable to go, you can offer condolence over the phone. Later, make sure you send a sympathy note to your friend, apologizing, for not coming.

Offering Condolences to the Family Members of a Friend

Well, it is an extremely difficult situation! But you don’t have other options. When the deceased person is your bosom friend, it becomes really difficult to hold your emotions. But you have to stay strong and stand by the family members of your friend.

In this matter, going in person is obviously better. You need to try to be a constant support for the family members of your deceased friend. You can offer condolences as soon you got the news.

If you are too far, you can call the family members on the day. The family members may be busy regarding the rituals, and they may not be available to talk to you at that time. So, you can share your condolences virtually. Uploading the special moments you spent with your friend will really be appreciated.

In case you are not going in person, try to be in touch with the family members regularly.

Offering Condolences to Relatives

It’s possible that you don’t like the family gathering, or you may not know the deceased person or the family members. But, it becomes your responsibility to offer condolences when a person passes away. Try to offer your presence there. Here you can share condolences after the funerals. If it is not possible for you to go, you can send condolence message as well.

Offering Condolences to a Colleague

As we spend generally spend 7-8 hours a day in the office, our colleagues sometimes become our extended family, right? The time of sharing condolences with a colleague depends on the acquaintance you have with the colleague.

If you are closely associated with the colleague you can contact and offer condolence over the loss of his or her family member. You can send a sympathy note to the colleague.

                   Sympathy 1

In case you are not closely acquainted with the colleague, you can send mail to him or her. You can send sympathy flowers along with a handwritten note, which will look nice.

Always remember, offering condolences in person is always a better idea irrespective of your relationship with the deceased person or with the family members. If the bereaved person is very close to you can call or visit immediately to offer condolences because your presence will matter extremely to them. If you are planning to call to offer condolence to less acquainted people, try to call after the funerals or on the next day.

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